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This website has been created to enable binocular rivalry testing in the comfort and convenience of an individual's own home. It can also be used by researchers doing laboratory-based testing for studies that require use of a standardised test protocol.

Binocular rivalry is a visual phenomenon that involves perceptual switching in response to different images presented to each eye. There has been recent interest in how binocular rivalry may be applied in clinical populations, particularly in psychiatry and neurology. Such applications however, require large numbers of participants to be tested and this is a costly and time-consuming process if conducted under laboratory conditions. This website has been created so that large populations of both clinical and non-clinical participants can undergo binocular rivalry testing. This model of delivering the test also enables a standardised test protocol for this type of binocular rivalry research so that results from different studies can be accurately compared. By participating in this research, you are contributing to advancing knowledge in this field.

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We are grateful to the following funding bodies that have supported this work:

Defence Health Foundation (Australia)

Brain and Behavior Foundation (USA)

National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia)

Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (Australia)

Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services (Australia)